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Sep 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
district near the stock exchange. >>> the "los angeles times" reports the boy scouts of america hid information about sex abuse cases for decades. the newspaper says the abuse was documented in secret files and that 80% of the cases were not reported to law enforcement. >>> and space shuttle "endeavour" is still in florida and its trip to los angeles has been delayed yet again. stormy weather along the gulf of mexico means the shuttle won't depart until tomorrow heading for its permanent home at the california science center. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street's going to kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,553 after losing 40 points yesterday. the s&p was down 4 and the nasdaq fell 5. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo, the nikkei dipped 35 points while in hong kong the hang seng lost 56. >>> wall street gave up ground for the fifth monday in a row thanks to fresh signs of an economic slowdown. news that northeast manufacturing hit a 3 1/2 year low set off investors' jitters monday. this just days after friday's news that august industrial p
Sep 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
, los protagonistas iban lanzando dinero de un auto robado en los angeles, la caceria hizo que muchas cosas salieran de sus casas a recoger el dinero, otra camioneta se les interpuso y pudoieron sacarlos, ahora piden que regresen el dinero, dudo mucho que eso ocurra. >> una camioneta terminó hecha trizas, y casó la muerte de al menos 1 persona, los restos de la avioneta quedaron repartidos en varisa cuadras, la reserva federal se reune hoy y se espera que anuncie una medida para mejorar la economía del país, otros predicen una respuesta más moderada, como puede ser que se mantendrá más allá de 2014 las bajas tasas de interés para préstamos de corto plazo. >> la polemica de presentar un documento con fotografia para sufragar llega a pennsylvania. abogados de los demandantes dicen que cientos desconocen este nuevo requisito o no tienen un documento, el caso tiene gran carga política, el tribunal esta dividido con 3 republicanos y 3 demócrata. se realizará el primer transplante de ambos brazos, ella fue aprobada después de una rigurosa evaluación, ella desarrolló una infe
Sep 7, 2012 4:00am EDT
years behind bars when he's sentenced next month. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >>> coming up, your friday morning weather, and the they lose their lead in the american league east. i was living with this all-over pain. a deep, throbbing, persistent ache. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can do more of the things that i enjoy. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcoho
Sep 26, 2012 2:05am PDT
in the country. >> i know. >> five is atlanta. >> four is los angeles. >> three is baltimore. and my top two cities in the country are number two and number one, baby, new orleans, louisiana. >> and new york city. what they all have in common, something hoda can't live without, a strong night life. for somebody who gets up at 4:00 in the morning, what are you doing out on the town? >> i like the grittiness of those kinds of cities. i like the smell. >> you like the smell? >> yes, neat cities, clean, that's not my kind of city. i like cities with dirt under their nails. >> like you like your men. >> yes. all right. >>> should we go to the best underthings? >> yes, we're going to come up with a segment by "redbook" magazine, they tested the best bras, shape wear, and underwear. should be like who gives a rip, but that's very, very important. >> we really, really care about this. >>> we have a big show coming up. do you know who's with us? >> i believe we have mr. jimmy fallon himself and the three gentlemen who play the dads in his new sitcom? >> oh, yes. where's the jimmy? not going to happen
Sep 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
different radio stations in new york, los angeles, atlanta, dallas, and detroit. so adding their two cents to the rumor mill is a cast of radio royalty from across the nation. >> they go from new york to detroit, from detroit to atlanta, back to new york, back and forth, back and forth. >> reporter: among the hosts, in new york's morning show. >> a study shows that rude people make more money than nice people. >> up yours. >> reporter: they say this season is not one to miss. >> we think it's going to be awesome. if radio were pictures, now our audience gets to see good or bad, what happens in that radio studio. >> over the top screaming success, guaranteed. >> supposedly they're making it from spider milk,. >> i think it's spider silk. not milk. >> they have tiny nipples. >> reporter: nothing is off limits. >> at least at the strip club they wipe the pole down before the next girl. >> we're not afraid to be it or say it. >> reporter: they're all about being funny. >> she is getting closer to her due date. >> reporter: and having fun with each other. >> matthew mcconaughey wearing a g stri
Sep 6, 2012 4:00am PDT
in los angeles, 84 degrees. >>> let's check your national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will pop up from the gulf coast to north carolina and from pennsylvania to new york. it will be dry over much of the midwest. very hot from the mississippi valley into texas and oklahoma with the mercury reaching as high as 106 degrees. >>> in sports this morning, the nfl season kicks off with a grudge match between the cowboys and giants. lots of smoke as the super bowl champs came out of the tunnel. it was all dallas during the game. the cowboys dominated new york. tony romo threw for 307 yards and three td passes. cowboys take down the giants 24-17. as this new season begins, a new study shows how dangerous football can be and looks at what a career of collisions can do to the brain. it came out the same day the nfl made a $30 million donation to research the connection between brain injuries and long-term disorders. bigad shaban reports. >> during his eight seasons in the nfl, kevin turner had plenty of collisions. some so hard they made his head spin. >> some ringing in your ears. you may se
Sep 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
more than 200 acres. this is happening closer to los angeles. a 3800-acre wildfire in san gabriel mountains, only about 15% contained, and unfortunately -- fortunately, it is staying away from the foothill communities, but there is a lot being done to extinguish those claims -- those flames. >>> here we're actually finally seeing some wet weather. >> exactly. we actually do neat the wet weather. yesterday we didn't get as much rain as we thought. today we're thinking we saw more scattered showers in the picture and definitely that is welcome. as we look at the middle of the nation, across the upper midwest, we're seeing showers and thunderstorms diving down into iowa and we also see some showers and storms off to the west of us now, in western maryland, we're also looking at some showers this morning, light in nature. in west virginia. we're just dealing with plenty of cloud cover this morning. with the cloud covering, though, these temperatures are quite warm, close to 80 degrees in tillman and also denton and galena. let's head this over to megan. >> thanks, lynette. the oriole
FOX News
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
the space coast and other nasa facilities. it will finally end up in los angeles at los angeles international airport on friday. for mom floridians a bittersweet day. they're excited to see the shuttle up in the air bolted on the back of a modified 747. but it also means the end of a program they worked on the past three decade, bill. bill: steve, something to see once it arrives at the final destination. thank you, steve harrigan live in miami. go ahead? >> reporter: might be the most challenging and interesting part once it gets on the ground there in los angeles they have essentially have to drive it through parts of los angeles. like moving a five story building at one mile per hour before it reaches its final destination in the california science center. bill: holy cow. helicopters will be in the air for that. that will be another image we'll watch. thank you, steve harrigan in miami. martha? martha: there are serious concerns for our diplomatic workers overseas as violent protests against the united states continue every day. we have brand new pictures like this, burning f
FOX News
Sep 19, 2012 3:00am PDT
in houston and then making its way out to los angeles international airport. once there, another remark annual technological feat. it will move on the ground. this space shuttle is the size of a five story building. it will be moved through congested parts of los angeles to its final resting place in the california science center where it will be part of a museum. so moving it on the ground 170,000-pound object through a city will be quite a site. they've been making preparations, moving street lamps, telephone poles, electric wires to get this ready. it's the youngest of the five space worthy shuttles. it was built after the challenger. it served 123 million miles in flights examine really means -- and really means a lot to the people along florida's coast examine come to see it on its final voyage. >> gretchen: steve harrigan live in florida. we'll keep an eye on it. >> steve: steve, i got a question, can it make the trip all the way out to los angeles without refueling or do they have to do that? >> they are going to stop in el paso for refueling. they're going to fly low over stenni
Sep 23, 2012 11:30pm PDT
of next year. currently stock is is valued at $656 billion. >> mind-boggling numbers. los angeles gears up for the second round of car mageddon. >> a very close call for a truck driver in brazil. the last second move that resulted in this near death experience. >>> there were more antiamerican protests today in pakistan in response to that antimuslim video produced in california. a cabinet minister offered $100,000 bounty for the death of those who made the film. the government was quick to deannounce that award. demonstrations in pakistan left 21 people dead. police used tear gas and live am munition. in all more than 50 people have died in protests around the world linked to that film. >> in other news in the world tonight, an avalanche killed 9 people and 6 others missing. the avalanche hit at a camp around 23,000 feet on the slopes. the 8th highest mountain in the world. >>> in georgia, a 4th day of protest after a video surfaced reportedly showing prisoners being beaten and sexually abused by prison guards. broadcasts video that was said to show graphic examples of the mistreatment of
Sep 18, 2012 2:00am PDT
. >>> the los angeles times reports the boy scouts of america hit information about sex abuse cases for decades. the newspaper says the abuse was documented in secret files that 80% of the cases were not reported to law enforcement. >>> and space shuttle endeavour is still in florida. its trip to los angeles has been delayed yet again. stormy weather along the gulf of mexico means the shuttle won't depart until tomorrow heading for its permanent home at the california science center. >>> now here's time for your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. >> as the romney campaign scrambles to deal with that controversial video from a fundraiser. intel report the grandson of former president jimmy carter found the video and brought it to mother jones which broke the story. >>> congress is briefly back in session this week before lawmakers head home to campaign for reelection. roll call reports their calendars are jam-packed this week with meals, visits and receptions with lobbyists. but all qualify as fundraisers. >>> pundits believe libertarian candidate jonathan dooin may be a ke
Sep 21, 2012 10:00am PDT
, and then it will make its way to a los angeles museum, but there's the other shot. and clear. how cool is that? i could watch that all day. as i said earlier, we call this dream-o-vision because this represented our future, you know, the space program. now it's the end of an era. we're finding other ways to get into space. the shuttle program no longer in existence, and now many of these shuttles are going around the country to museums, those that are still around. you know, we lost a couple in flight. this is all good news. this is interesting. kids, grown-ups, everyone, will be able to go to the museum and take part in history really looking at this and what was once our future, amazingly, now our past. how soon we move on and progress. let's see what is next. here's endeavour owner. >>> congress has left the building and won't be back until after the election. a recess without taking care of key business, like looming fiscal cliff and the farm bill. well, you know nancy pelosi weighed in, john boehner is weighing in. you do not want to miss what they are saying about this. ahhhh drill sound chirping
Sep 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
survey it's the second time this week a small earthquake has rattled the los angeles area. los angeles fire department say there's no immediate report of any damage. there was a 3.2 magnitude quake monday earlier this week. >>> new this morning, several earthquakes in china have killed dozens of people. look at the pictures. now 64 people are reported dead more than 7 15 were hurt. and more than 20,000 homes have been damaged. that's according to chinese official new agency. and there were four earthquakes all of the southwestern part of china. the magnitude range from 4.8 to 5.6. >>> 7:33. a u.c. berkely students has been arrested for sexual battery at a campus dorm. the daily cal reports it happened august 30th at putnam hall. police say an intoxicated 18- year-old man grabbed a woman against her will. he also allegedly pinned a second woman against a wall and kissed her and groped her. the man was moved to a different dorm while police investigate. >>> a gas station robbery caught on tape in colfax and police say a man and woman got three teens to help them rob the gas station. they
Sep 5, 2012 2:35am EDT
that it's show times. these messages are among 250 pages of e-mails obtained by "los angeles times." michael jackson described in them is a jackson the public never saw. ♪ some things in life they just don't want to see ♪ not even in "this is it" the behind the scenes movie documenting prep for the blockbuster comeback. but this slurred phone message recorded a month before his death. played at conrad murray's trial seems to support assertions jackson was not well. the underwriter of the comeback shows is now suing aeg, claiming the company lied about jackson's health to secure a $17.5 million insurance policy. jackson's heirs are also suing aeg claiming promoters pressured him. to perform. we could not reach aeg for comment, but lawyers for the company told the l.a. times these messages are incomplete and leaked to portray the company in a negative light. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. ♪ >> wow, there is not a bigger mj fan on the planet than i am. it is just unbelievable to see just his last couple months how sad they were, how completely unraveled he seemed to be. for a
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
in los angeles. john zarrella is in florida. he was there for this morning's se sendoff. it's just bittersweet, looking at these pictures. >> reporter: yeah. you know, it really is, carol. "endeavour" flew 123 million miles during 25 flights over its history after it came off the assembly line in 1991. and this is, by far, one of its shortest flights cross country, as you mentioned, on the back of that 747. it's definitely kind of a victory tour of sorts, lifting off from the kennedy space ceer. about 7:20 am this morning, heading cross country. it flew over the space center in mississippi first. as you mentioned. then it went over the louisiana area, new orlea. assembly plant where they built the giant external tanks for the shuttle. and from here, it's on to houston. it will fly over the houston area in just a little while. probably about an hour from now, making several passes, flies over hughouston. and then ultimately landing at the ell ichington field near th johnson space center so folks there can get a look at "endeavour" before it takes off tomorrow morning. tomorrow morni
Sep 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
with the manhunt in los angeles right now for a gunman that claimed to kidnap a bank manager and tied a bomb around her waist during a daring bank robbery. you see aerial shots of it right now. at this hour, new questions are surfacing. one of them, was the manager actually involved in the plot all along? here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: the bank manager, allegedly ordered to rob her own bank. police say her nightmare began around 8:00 wednesday morning when the two men approached her outside her home as she was leaving for work. she told police the men ordered her to strap a device to her stomach and then drive to the bank >> she was told it was a bomb. >> reporter: fearing for her life, police say she did exactly as she was told, open the vaults and true bags of cash out the back door. the robbers who never set their foot in the building made their escape before cops and the bomb squad arrived on the scene. >> they very carefully removed that device from her body. >> reporter: a bomb squad robot detonated the device, which turned out to be a very convincing fake, leaving some to question if t
Sep 21, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. it took off 15 minutes ago and will land for the final time in los angeles. it will be moved to a museum next month. american airlines has been plagued by delays this week and under the cancellations. some executives believe the pilots are calling in sick on purpose and flight crews are filing huge numbers of maintenance reports of in order to slow down operations. they believe it is an attempt to punish the company for imposing cost-cutting measures as part of its bankruptcy reorganization. >> people are now starting to shop for thanksgiving. they have a choice. airlines need to get their act together. >> the faa is concerned enough to have stepped up scrutiny on american and is now monitoring. the monitoring 7 is on your side with a recall warning from gm. a half million cars need repairs because of the gear can slip while in park. it affects the chevrolet malibu, pontiacs g6, and saturn aura with a 4-speed transmission. four crashes have been reported. we have gorgeous weather and it feels great. the autumnal equinox is tomorrow. >> that after 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will have
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
by over the golden gate bridge. and back to los angeles. is "endeavour" soaring over the hollywood sign. on studio b the former astronaut and current fox news contributor tom jones commented on the huge crowds that turned out to catch a glimpse. >> it is great to see its career being highlighted here and i think the outpouring of sentiment and people coming out to see "endeavour" shows the depth of interest in space exploration. people are quietly yearning for something to take its place. >> tom jones flew on "endeavour" not once but twice. >>> associated press reports shipping and handling costs for the final tour could total some $28 million. the new owner is said to foot the bill. adam housely in los angeles. went off without a hitch. >> reporter: spoked up patriotism as well. back in 1991 left, california, to replace challenger. as so many people alluded to today, come back home, flying all around california. the pictures that came to us not only on the video feed but across twitter and facebook were stunning as it flew up through the heart of california and cut over to the bay area
Sep 24, 2012 2:05am EDT
-speed chase in los angeles in july will be in court monday. he's the first person to be charged under a new california law penalizing those who drive recklessly while chasing a commercial photo. he could face up to a year in prison. >> you're driving along the ventura freeway in l.a. and you got a paparazzi chasing somebody at 100 milesance hour, your life is at risk and it's just wrong. >> reporter: celebrities continue to clammer for better privacy laws tired of life at the other end of that long lens. actress halle berry hit a breaking point in may when a photog showed up at her daughter's school. >> i'm doing something honorable and not harassing >> reporter: a says it's the worst time ever to be famous. >> i feel that anyone being invaded at that level is unfortunate and there should be a law, you know, no one would like that. >> reporter: travolta was referring to the recent scandal over kate middleton's topless photos which enraged the british public and prompted legal action against the french magazine that published them. a criminal investigation is also under way, but nothing is l
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am PDT
now outside los angeles. thousands of people evacuating. now, new concerns that it won't be under control until next week. and that is really something. it's burning out of control at this point. lara? >> our thoughts are with them. i was asking josh, is that anywhere near -- >> it's right over the ridge. >> our thoughts are with everyone there. >>> we know how hard it is to get your kids to go to sleep. believe me, we know. >> right. >> but should you drug your children to get them to go to bed? we're going inside this growing controversy. >> who hasn't been tempted at some point or other? all right. we'll get to that. i have. >> i have, too. >>> let's get right now to that wild weather. the last gasps of hurricane isaac are still causing so much havoc. and tropical storm leslie is a growing threat, as well. sam has been tracking it all and has the very latest for us at the weather center. good morning, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. and isaac, ten days after it started bringing rain to the coastline, we're still talking about its remnants. look at the pictures out of the jerse
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
, in california, crews say that wildfire burning east of los angeles may not be fully under control until next week. six-square miles of the angeles national forest have burned, forcing thousands to evacuate. the good news, the fire is moving away from homes. >>> a surprising, new study could prompt hospitals to change how they perform cpr. researchers have found that doctors are giving up too early. the study found an extra nine minutes of cpr, on average, can significantly improve a heart attack patient's odds of surviving and with few long-term side effects. >>> and in florida, police say an elderly driver didn't know his car was in reverse when he stepped on the gas and this happened. crashing through a restaurant in ft. lauderdale. fortunately, as you can see, there's no customers were in the restaurant yet. only staff. and none of them was hurt. >>> and a different scenario in north carolina. if you think the of something challenger, an eight-foot sinkhole opening up in the parking lot. the driver, not hurt. not surprisingly, a little stunned. explain that to the insurance company. i dar
Sep 4, 2012 2:35am EDT
of the midwest. >>> temperatures are expected to reach the 90s again today. north east of los angeles. that's where hundreds of firefighters are battling a fast-moving fire in the angeles national forest. more than six square miles have already burned. as abc's nick watt reports, the danger is growing. >> reporter: the angeles national forest was packed with thousand of campers and hikers enjoying the holiday weekend. >> we just saw the smoke next to us and we started packing. >> reporter: the fire began 2:15 sunday cause unknown. within hours, nearly 4,000 acres were ablaze. vacationers evacuated and hundreds of firefighters drafted in from across the west. the fire is moving very, very fast the we can see it coming down this hillside. look at the terrain. talking 80-degree inclines which makes it difficult for firefighters to get up to the flames and fight this fire. air drops are the best and in most places the only option. >> it is uphill, steep, rugged terrain, we are trig to get aircraft on this fire to slow its progress. >> reporter: the fire is moving towards populated areas. right
Sep 25, 2012 2:35am EDT
scandal in a high school near los angeles. more than 70 people have been questioned after several soccer playser at the high school said they were attacked on school ground. a sex crimes unit is investigating allegations that a coach lured younger boys to a room where older players tried to assault victims with a foreign object. >> fought so are, he grabbed this piece of javelin, grabbed it with both of his hand like this, squeezing it so hard. >> this is intolerable. and our district cannot -- tolerate this. >> the abuse allegedly occurred late last spring. but police are looking into several years of the la puente high school soccer program. >>> new york city now supplying the morning after pill to teens at a dozen high schools. students as young as 14 can get the emergency pill, plan b, without telling their parents. part of an expanded pilot program, aimed at curbing teen pregnancy rate. reaction so far has been mixed. >> the morning after pill, that's more unprotected sex. >> they're old enough. i think a good idea. >> the morning after pill can prevent pregnancy taken up to 72 hour
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the toilet. he spent 32 years inside the los angeles district attorney's office. >> and he prosecuted dozens of death penalty cases. >> we did, and not just prosecuted them, but convicted most of them. he's since changed his mind about giving felons the ultimate punishment and death penalty cases are too expensive and knows from personal experience, there is a lot of room for error. killing people is a huge responsibility and the criminal justice system isn't always perfect. >> it's not, unfortunately. we're dealing with human beings, so there's fallibility. >> and he's supporting prop 34 which would eliminate the death penalty in california. opponents say he's advocating letting hundreds of killers and rapists off the hook. >> these people are literally the worst of the worst. >> mcgreggor scott a former u.s. attorney and spokesman for the no on 34 campaign. he says californians shouldn't have to pay for the extra incarceration of life in prison. >> the taxpayers will be housing and providing medical care for these worst of the worst inmates. >> the critics are asking why you would pay any
Sep 11, 2012 2:35am EDT
the theory though, the stink is being reported up to 50 miles away in suburban areas of los angeles. air quality managers are investigating. >> powerful stink. >> fish and chips anybody? >> there you go. holding on the fish. remember when new york had a mysterious smell. some sort of maple. >> always a mysterious smell in new york. >> far and wide. new jersey. it smelled like maple syrup. better than stinky fish. >> something smelled good in new york. a look at the weather. frost advisories for new york, new england. showers in south florida. heavy thunderstorms and flooding in the southwest. gusty winds from the pacific northwest to 80s in the midwest. 90s sacramento to dallas. 64, seattle. 70s in the rockies. >>> here is some evidence it wasn't all bad when hurricane isaac came ashore late last month. >> the artist hung out under an overpass and let the storm's strong wind take his paint across the canvas. the final results turned out pretty cool. >> yeah, they do look good. >> bobby says when heap puts it up for auction, the proceeds will help isaac's vick timz and is likely to head o
Sep 14, 2012 2:35am EDT
. as far as the controversial movie, the writer, director, and financier lives in this los angeles home. >> there was some need for our presence to be here to provide safety. >> reporter: police say nakoula basseley nakoula who used the name sam bacile is a member of the coptic church and also spent time in prison. >> i never said muhammad. i never heard muhammad. >> reporter: the actress says she was duped and there was no mention of an anti-islamic message until after filming when the role of george was changed to muhammad. >> i want the world to know i did not know. >> reporter: at least 51 u.s. embassies and consulates sent out warnings to u.s. citizens asking them to be vigilant and avoid large crowd. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >>> this morning, we learned the names of all victims that have been killed, ambassador christopher stevens, career diplomat, two tours in libya, sean smith worked as information management specialist. a former navy seal, protecting the consulate, and tyrone woods, a former navy seal who served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. also protecting
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 2:00am PDT
of the country looks good. if you are traveling today boston, dallas, los angeles looking pretty good. laud des? >> we will take it. >> janice dean thanks a lot. >>> 10 minutes to the top of the hour a strong warning the protests in the middle east are much more than air spray. >> there's no sense there is anybody on the bridge of the ship. >> tony schafer says the warnings from his sources on the ground are much stronger. he is next. >> a couple of school kids kicked out of wal-mart on the victims of 9-11. >> 14 at the top of the hour. 350,000 kids still out of school as the chicago teacher's strike drags on for a 5th day. bothed sides are optimistic they are close to a deal. >> she violated federal law by campaigning for president obama in an official capacity. the white house says there is no need to punish kathleen sib b l sebelius. taxpayers were reimbursed for the trip. those abses are enough. >> patti ann? >> thainthser. now to stories you can bank on this morning. get ready to shell out more money to fly. a look at which airlines might be hiking ticket prices. it will cost you more mon
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
endeavour to its home in los angeles. it is on pretakeoff roll taxiing into position. the plane or planes are going to be flying over northern california, making sort of a historic tour flying past the golden gate bridge and san francisco skyline. supposed to take off five minutes from now. they have delayed this by an hour because of fog over san francisco, as so often happens in that city. they're hoping that the fog will be burned off by the time the shuttle endeavour gets off the ground hire at edwards air force base and gets up to the san francisco bay area. it will also be doing a flyover the los angeles area. we'll keep you updated. arthel: such a great sight when you see it up in the air. jon: that is a beautiful thing to see. i wish frankly it was still flying in space. but that's just me. arthel: i understand. when we come back 16 trillion in debt, $16. no worries but president obama under fire what he said on letterman on america's exploding debt. stephen hayes what he cause big whoppers on late night. jon: we'll put them to the truth-o-meter a bike ride in the country scary af
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 2:00am PDT
and feels like summer time in dallas. and 79 in kansas 73 and 81 in los angeles. if you are traveling today. not to bad in the airports. light showers possible for boston and new york. but looking good for memphis and dallas. you could see a thunderstorm later on today. and light travel in portland. hit or miss showers in the northeast and midatlantic. call ahead. always a good bet. >> good advice. >> does it foal like your household is not bringing home the bacon like it used to. how much incomes have actually dropped and here to break it down for us. robert gray. >> good morning ainsley. and research headed by a former couple guys did the survey the household wealth is sliding more interesting than that. since the recovery began. we have seen median next dropping more and they are off by 5.sevenpercent. and the median take home now. 450,964 and that's going back to the 1990s level. when you look at inflation adjusted. and that is the nation slipping in recession at 34.6 hours. and this is following up from the federal reserve talking about the loss of wealth. they had a big report out and
Sep 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
disability. >> robert vanderhorst says he was flying from newark to los angeles on sunday with his wife and their 16-year-old son who has down syndrome. but then word came from the pilot that they could not board the flight home. >> i think the pilot was concerned that my son was going to be in first class. and that i think the pilot felt that my type of son, my disabled, down syndrome son, shouldn't be in first class. >> the vanderhorsts started recording the airport scene on a cell phone. american airlines said the boy was not ready to fly because he was agitated and running around the gate area prior to boarding. but his parents say that is simply not true. >>> a massachusetts court ruling is sparking both praise and outrage in the case of a transgender prison inmate. a judge has agreed that the state department of corrections must pay for the inmate's sex reassignment surgery. michelle kosilek was born a man but takes female hormones and lives as a woman in the all-male prison. she is serving life in prison for murder. >>> a new study suggests more lives could be saved if doctors in
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